SpeedyPainter v3.5.2 – color dynamics quick demo

Simple demonstration that shows how easily you can create semi-realistic landscapes using brush color dynamics, available in new version v3.5.2 of SpeedyPainter.

Michelangelo’s David – painterly effect test with SpeedyPainter



Video of the drawing process:

Testing a new painterly effect that I’m currently developing in SpeedyPainter.
The results seems quite nice, but the new brushStroke algorithm is still not compatible with all the other functionalities available in SpeedyPainter (as levels, or some of the tools). Maybe I will release a separate beta version of SpeedyPainter with this new feature, separated from the official version, to let other people try this new feature.

Hippo study – SpeedyPainter v3.4.0

Hippo Study

Hippo Study

Video of the drawing process:

Tulips speed paintig

Another quick speed painting done using “SpeedyPainter”.
I used a textured brush to simulate traditional mediums.

The reference image I used it this wonderful photo:

The drawing process file can be downloaded here.
(you need SpeedyPainter to open the file)

Execution time: about 45 minutes.