new “leaves” brush preset


New leaves brush preset in SpeedyPainter v3.5.16. Add a touch of warm autumnal colors to your digital landscapes 🙂


SpeedyPainter experiments – brushstroke elevation

Doing some experiments for simulating elevation of brushstrokes and the texture of the canvas.
This feature is still a work in progress, I hope to add it soon in next releases of SpeedyPainter.
In this demo I used some Amazing brushes from various popular brush sets, from various amazing artists, like:
. Maciej Kuciara (
. Wang Li (
. Houston Sharp (
. Jan Ditlev (
. Jamshed Jurabaev (
To use those brushes in SpeedyPainter you can use an useful free tool called AbrMate ( Just open the “.abr” brush set in AbrMate, export the brushes as “.png” images, and put them in the “SpeedyPainter/data/brushes” folder.

Usage demo of SpeedyPainter on ASUS VivoTab Note 8

This new version of SpeedyPainter adds finger gestures for padding and zooming. This version will be released soon.

To make pressure sensitivity work properly I had to install Wacom Feel driver (