Bug list

In this page i will list all the known bugs that are still currently unresolved on the latest version of SpeedyPainter.
If you find a bug not in the list, please help me improve the software writing a comment about the bug in the comment section below. I will take note of the bug and I will try to resolve it in the following release of Speedy Painter.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

If your hardware is quite old, or your system has an integrated graphics card, you may incur in a quite “laggy” SpeedyPainter user experience. In this case you can try to disable the GUI_SHADOW flag inside the SpeedyPainter.ini file (just set its value to 0 and restart SpeedyPainter). Hope this helps to obtain better performances πŸ™‚

Known Bugs

  • [FIXED in version 3.1.10] Application crashes when the user tries to save an image in a folder where he has no write permission, like as in the default installation folder (if you used the installer version), which is usually under the write protected path “/Windows/Programs”.
  • Some users came across some issues when using pen tablet displays (like the Cintiqs or the yiynova MSP19U) with multi monitor configurations.
  • On some configurations, under Windows 7 or Vista, it seems that the pen pressure functionality does not work when the service called “Tablet PC Input Service” is enabled. You can work around this issue by manually stopping and disabling that service. Actually, it seems that Tablet PC Input service and Wacom drivers conflict, a useful thread about this issue and a lot of details on how to fix this is discussed in this useful thread on Conceptart forum.
  • Perspective grid is not flipped when user flips the image horizontally.
  • [FIXED in version 3.1.4] final image is not restored when the user aborts the replay or the video export process
  • [FIXED in version 2.1.1] merging of layers doesn’t take into account layer opacity
  • [FIXED in version 2.1] when user starts drawing on top of an existing image (a normal image, not a previously saved drawing process), the replay of the drawing process will not start with the image, but with the default gray background!
  • [FIXED in version 2.1] show/hiding of layers is not shown in the replay, this doesn’t affects the final result, but it may hide part of the drawing process during the replay
  • [FIXED in version 2.0.2] the eraser actually erases only when user releases the mouse button

10 thoughts on “Bug list

    • Hi,
      I’ve just chosen a video resolution that is well supported from YouTube, I noticed that videos in this format take very low uploading and preprocessing times inside youtube.
      I am planning to add more video resolutions soon, and I am glad someone is interested in the improvement of this feature.
      Kind regards,

  1. “…issues when using pen tablet displays (like the Cintiqs or the yiynova MSP19U) with multi monitor configurations.”
    It works when you set the pen tablet (Cintiq, MSP19U, …) as the main screen (Screen 1) in your grafics driver.

    • Thank you for the useful information about the problem and giving also a possible workaround. I will see what i can do to solve this problem πŸ™‚ Glad you appreciate my program. Thank you. Kind regards, Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea
    If you need a testing environment for the multi monitor issue you could have access to my computer (Win10, Cintiq, GeForce) via TeamViewer (do not know if it’s helpful) or I could do some tests.

    • Thank you for your very nice offer. I am planning myself to buy a cintiq soon, so, don’t worry πŸ™‚ Feel free to share your suggestions about bugs or possible improvements, they will be very appreciated! Thank you for your interest in my application, seeing genuine interest from users really encourages me to improve my software ^_^ kind regards, Andrea πŸ™‚

  3. I tried a lot of painting programs for sketching. For me SpeedyPainter is by far the best. Nothing is missing, nothing too much, just perfect.
    I am sure it will be a great success in the future, thankfully to your efforts.
    (sorry for the poor english)
    Kind regards, Helmi

  4. Great work, it’s the first time i’ve tried it and I already love it, looking forward to it’s development. Works great on tablets with the touch input. I can see that Procreate could be a great inspiration regarding the intuitive interface.

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