Frequently asked questions

  • Whenever I try to execute SpeedyPainter it just crashes on startup and displays a message about OpenGL. What does this mean?

    This is a very common question. Unfortunately SpeedyPainter runs only with graphics cards that support OpenGL 3.0 specifications.
    At the moment those kind of graphics card should be very common, since those specifications are more than 3-4 years old. Unfortunately, it looks like that a lot of integrated graphics cards do not fully support those specifications. I am currently trying to extend the program compatibility also on that hardware.

  • How can I know whether my graphics card supports OpenGL 3.0 or not?

    An useful tool can help you in this task: GPU Caps Viewer.

  • Ok, I am sure that my graphics card supports OpenGL 3.0. Why does the program still refuse to start and tells me that I have a lower OpenGL version?

    In this case it is very likely that your graphics drivers are not up to date. This also happened to me when I first installed Windows 8 on my PC.
    In this case you just have to download and install the latest video drivers specific for your graphics card. Depending on your hardware, you will find them on NVIDIA site, AMD site, Intel Download Center or maybe on your notebook/tablet PC support page.
    If your drivers are up-to date, then a possible problem could be that your pc has multiple graphics adapters and it automatically switches to use the integrated one, which has usually poor performance. In this case you should look in the driver options and specify to always use the GPU instead of the integrated card.
    If your system doesn’t have a dedicated video hardware (like an NVIDIA or an AMD video card), but you have an Intel graphics adapter like the ones integrated with latest Intel CPUs (e.g. an Intel HD 4000 integrated with i5 processors), then again you can fix the problem installing the most up-to date drivers from the Intel Download Center, selecting “Graphics” from “Select a product family”, and selecting the other options according to your hardware type (desktop/laptop).

  • On my laptop I have both integrated and dedicated GPUs, why do I still have problems at startup?

    If your hardware allows you to switch between integrated graphics and dedicated GPU, like with nVidia Optimus technology, then you should manually switch to use dedicated GPU, like NVIDIA or AMD ones. On future releases of the software, I am planning to make this switch automatic, if this is possible someway.

  • I have a Wacom tablet, but SpeedyPainter does not detect the pressure of my pen, how can i fix this?

    It seems that, on some particular configurations, the pen pressure functionality does not work when the Windows service called “Tablet PC Input Service” is enabled. On Windows 7 you can work around this issue by manually stopping and disabling that service from the Windows Services list (press WIN+r -> type “services.msc” -> enter -> find “Tablet PC Input Service” in the list -> stop the service).

  • I have a problem/suggestion that is not in the FAQ

    You can ask your specific question here:
    SpeedyPainter official forum

33 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Strokes arent beind drawn when using cintiq pen. Menus and everything else works but cant draw on canvas. It works with mouse but not wacom cintiq pen.

  2. Its working fine on my Windows 8 with Wacom Bamboo touch. Its just the image size restriction due to using Intel HD GPU (maximum size is 512 x 512 px) its too small. Is there a way to remove this limitation?

  3. Hello,
    You have created an interesting program, however it doesn’t work on Windows 7 with a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch.
    Is there a way to make it work?

    • hi! thank you! Does the program start? It just does not work with the tablet? Do you have a dedicated graphics card? SpeedyPainter works better on nVidia or AMD graphics cards, intel integrated graphics cards are not fully supported for now..

      • Thank you for your reply. The program starts well and I can draw with the mouse. It detects the pen movements but does not draw with the stylus. My graphics card is AMD Radeon R7 200 series. So there is no problem with OpenGL. The only problem seems to be with the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet.

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  5. This is a pretty nice program! Very easy to use, and lightweight. However, it would be better with easier ways to zoom in and out, and move the canvas (Perhaps a navigator panel), and be able to customize brushes.

    • thank you! 🙂
      Actually, if you use a keyboard, zooming and rotating should be quite simple:
      [Ctrl + cursor movement] enables Rotation
      [Ctrl + ALT + cursor movement] allows to zoom in and out (moving cursor vertically), or change brush size (moving the cursor horizontally)
      Do you think those key combination are not very straightforward? Feel free to give me your further impressions about, all sort of suggestion is very welcome! Thank you! 🙂

  6. I downloaded this and everything seems to be fine, but it will not left me draw. I can do all the other things, selct brushes and colors, but when I try to use in on the canvas nothing happens

  7. Hey, this looks really good. Does it work on a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8, without a keyboard? (I don’t mind about the Pro 3 stylus, I intend to use my wacom intuos tablet.) As long as it can deal with layers and pressure-sensitive varying line width, I’m happy!

  8. I’m having the same problem others are, in that the program works but my Cintiq pen won’t actually make any strokes. I can draw with the mouse just fine, but when I try to use the pen nothing happens. I’ve tried disabling “Tablet PC Input Service”, but it appears Windows 10 doesn’t have this in the list of services. Has anyone discovered a fix for this yet? I want to like this program, but that kind of requires me to actually be able to, you know… Actually draw with it.

  9. Hi Andrea.
    Many thanks for your very nice and intuitive tool
    I downloaded it for my son for use with Wacom Cintiq and he loved it.
    but we encouterd a problem using the brush with the Cintiq pen. There is few centimeters offset between the pen and the brush.
    This issue does not exist using the mouse.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thank you Elad for the useful feedback!
      Maybe it’s possible that I introduced some issues with multi-monitor configurations in the latest modifications that I did in the most recent version. I hope i will be able to fix them soon! Thank you for the useful information!
      Have a great day,
      kind regards,

  10. Hi, I have used your app and been happy with its quality. However, there is a problem that every time I saved my drawing, I couldn’t find the drawing in the places which I saved them to. Even if I can find it, it just keeps saying that it is unable to open, which is annoying and disappointing. Can you help me with this problem?

  11. I have used your app and been happy with it. However, there is a problem that whenever I save my drawing, it just keeps not saving it. I open the folder where I choose to save the drawing file and find nothing. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

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