Natalie Portman speed painting using “SpeedyPainter”

Portrait of the actress Natalie Portman.
Done in about 3 hours using “SpeedyPainter”.

Final image is available here:

still life drawing: simulating traditional mediums

A simple still life drawing demonstrating “SpeedyPainter” in action.
This time i used a textured brush to simulate traditional mediums.

Execution time: about 15 minutes.

Battleship movie: alien warship speed painting

Quick sketch of the alien ship seen in the battleship movie trailer. I think the concept of the ship is very cool so i tryed to draw it with “SpeedyPainter”.

Done in about 45 minutes.

flamingo speed painting

Very quick sketch of a flamingo.
Done in about 30 minutes.

I used this beautiful stock photo as a reference:

drawing an apple

This is the first demonstration of SpeedyPainter in action.

In this short video I show my drawing process on a still life painting: