SpeedyPainter 3.0 – brush library

This is an anticipation of the new feature that will be soon available in SpeedyPainter 3.0.

In this version the user can choose among different brushes available inside a brush library.

In this video we can see some different brushes in action:

The library contains some simple default brushes, like the ones used in the video.

The user can add his own custom brushes, by simply moving them into the brush folder (data/brushes) and restarting the application.

When saving a drawing process, if the user used a custom brush which is not present in the default library, the brush will be automatically saved inside the drawing process file. This way the drawing process can be replicated also on installations of SpeedyPainter which don’t contain that particular brush.

Hope you will appreciate this new feature 🙂

Speedy Painter v3.0 will be available soon for download at:

The following video shows the default brushes available in the library:

drawing an apple

This is the first demonstration of SpeedyPainter in action.

In this short video I show my drawing process on a still life painting: