Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) – digital potrait with SpeedyPainter


Final drawing


Video recorded during the drawing (part 1):

Full video exported from SpeedyPainter:

female face study – cartoonish/realistic style – SpeedyPainter v3.4.1

Female face study

Female face study

Female face study,

trying a mix of cartoonish/realistic style.
I think I like the final result.
Reference used:

Drawing done with SpeedyPainter:

Video of the drawing process:


SpeedyPainter v3.4.1: autopan and autozoom during replay

In this version, during replay, the camera smoothly pans and zooms across the canvas in order to focus on those areas currently being painted.

Ratto di Proserpina – master study with SpeedyPainter

Study of the wonderful statue “Ratto di Proserpina” (the rape of Proserpina) of the great master sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598–1680). This sculptor was such a genius.

Drawing done and video exported with SpeedyPainter v3.4.0.

Ratto di Proserpina

Ratto di Proserpina

Video of the drawing process: