SpeedyPainter v1.0 available for download!

Hi to all!

The first release of “SpeedyPainter” is finally available for download.

You can download it from its official site or on Softpedia.

This first version has some limitations, that i hope to resolve soon in the upcoming next versions.

Among its current limitations:

  • single layer
  • saving/loading of files is restricted to the folder where “SpeedyPainter.exe” lies in.
  • fixed canvas size (2048×2048)
  • “redo” command is not available (only undo)
  • no selection tool
  • no direct image loading (but you can still load/save the whole drawing process)

Please do not hesitate to let me know your impressions about.

If you have suggestions about bugs/improvements feel free to write them in your comments here, i will take them into account for next versions of the software.

Here is a small screenshot of the application in action:

Speedy Painter screenshot


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